Day Supports
Day Supports are regularly occurring activities that provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward, personal contribution, or remuneration and thereby serve to maintain or increase adaptive capabilities, productivity, independence or integration and participation in the community. Day Supports also includes the provision of pre-vocational services which are aimed at preparing an individual for paid or unpaid employment, but are not job-task oriented.

These services include teaching such concepts as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving and safety.  Such activities shall be appropriate for or lead to a lifestyle as specified in the persons’ Person Centered Support Plan (PCSP). These opportunities can include:

      ▪  Socialization
     ▪  Recreation
     ▪  Community Inclusion
     ▪  Adult Education
     ▪  Skill Development in the areas of employment, transportation,
         daily living, self sufficiency, and resource identification and