Supported Employment

Supported Employment is competitive work in an integrated setting with on-going support services for individuals who have I/DD.  Competitive work is work for which an individual is compensated in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  An integrated work setting is a job site that is similar to that of the general work force.  Such work is supported by any activity needed to sustain paid employment by persons with disabilities.  The following supported employment activities are designed to assist individuals in acquiring and maintaining employment:
Individualized assessment. 

Individualized job development and placement services that create an appropriate job match for the individual and the employer. 

On the job training in work and work related skills required to perform the necessary functions of the job. 
Ongoing monitoring of the individuals performance on the job. 

Ongoing support services necessary to assure job retention as identified in the person-centered support plan. 

Training in related skills essential to secure and retain employment.