Agency-Directed Personal Care Services (SHC)
Personal Care Services are provided by an agency (not-self-directed by the person receiving services) to assist a person living with someone meeting the definition of family or in one of the following settings: a setting where a child, 5 to 21 years of age, is in custody but not living with someone meeting the definition of family or a setting in which a child, 15 years of age or older, resides with a person who does not meet the definition of family and who has not been appointed the legal guardian or custodian. These Services are individualized (one-to-one) services that provide direct assistance with:

Daily living / personal adjustment
Attendant care
Assistance with medications that are ordinarily self-administered
Accessing medical care
Supervision / Reporting changes in condition & needs
Extension of therapy services
Ambulation and exercise

Household services essential to health care at home or performed in conjunction with assistance in daily living (such as shopping, preparing & cleaning up meals, bathing, using appliances, dressing, feeding, making the bed, laundry, & Cleaning the bathroom & kitchen