Agency Directed Personal Care Services, Enhanced Care Services, Overnight Respite

Personal Care Services (Supportive Home Care) are provided by an Agency (not self-directed by the person receiving services) to assist a person living with someone meeting the definition of family or in a seperate type of setting.  View full description for more details.  These Services are individualized (one-to-one) services for individuals that provide direct assistance with the following:

     Daily living and personal adjustment
     Attendant care
     Assistance with medications that are
      ordinarily self-administered
     Accessing medical care
     Reporting changes in condition & needs
     Extension of therapy services   
  Ambulation and exercise
Household maintenance related to the beneficiary

    Household services essential to health care at home or
      performed in conjunction with assistance in daily living.
It is the expectation that individuals who need assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) tasks receive those supports from informal supports, if available.  These informal supports may include relatives or friends that live with the individual and should be relied on for IADL assistance unless there are extenuating or specific circumstances that have been documented in the plan of care. No time will be allowed on the Plan of Care for PCS to complete activities that can be provided by the informal supports. These tasks include but are not limited to the following: lawn care, snow removal, shopping, ordinary housekeeping, laundry, or meal preparation. 

Providers open for referrals may not have openings across all types of settings or locations for this service. Level of staff support available may vary depending on the type of setting or location.  Please contact providers directly for current availability before making a choice.



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