Supported Employment

Supported Employment is competitive work in an integrated setting with on-going support services for individuals who have I/DD.  Competitive work is defined as compensated work in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  An integrated work setting is a job site that is similar to that of the general work force.  Such work is supported by any activity needed to sustain paid employment by persons with disabilities.

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Cottonwood, Inc. (JobLink)
Pam Ludwick, 2801 W. 31st St., Lawrence, KS 66047

Tel: (785) 842-0550
Fax: (785) 842-6102
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GoodLife Innovations, Inc.
Stephanie Thorne, 2113 Delaware St., Lawrence, KS 66046
Email:  | Direct Line: (785) 979-1922

Tel: (785) 865-5520
Fax: (785) 865-5695
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