BASIS Scheduling

TCMs should contact their assigned CDDO Eligibility Coordinator in order to schedule a BASIS assessment.

BASIS assessments must occur annually within 365 days of the last assessment for all HCBS IDD Waiver recipients.  Scheduling BASIS meeting dates up to 60 days prior to the deadline assures that the Plan of Care (ISP) is not held up, and also allows adequate time for entering & gathering information from outside sources.  It is recommended that case managers schedule the BASIS assessment as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts and to account for unforeseen circumstances.  View calendars below to determine available times:

Lynette Goldizen (785) 840-1648
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  Achievement Services
  Case Management Services, Inc.
  Cottonwood, Inc.
  Joni Beard Case Management Services
  Serenity Case Management

Sarah Elliott  (785) 840-1649
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  A Step Above
  Caring & Compassionate Care
  GoodLife Innovations, Inc.
  Grateful Day Case Mgmt
  Monaco & Associates
  The ARC

Who should be at the BASIS screening?
The case manager should ensure that all persons with knowledge of the person served are invited to the BASIS screening; this should include all involved service providers and the parent/guardian of the person, if applicable.  The person for whom the BASIS is being completed should also be at the meeting, at least for part of the meeting, for the screener to meet them. 

What to bring to the BASIS screening?
It is the Case Manager's responsibility to ensure that all completed BASIS data tracking and documentation is present at the meeting.  Frequency of behaviors and seizures and type of seizures must be documented.  The case manager should have the Person Centered Support Plan and Behavior Support Plan, if applicable, ready to present to the screener at every BASIS meeting.  There should also be a listing of current prescription medications that the person takes and documentation of all medical diagnoses.

Notifying CDDO of Changes to BASIS Info or Services Sections
For any changes in consumer/guardian contact information or service start/stop dates please fill out the Status Action Form.  (this includes any changes in case management within the same provider)  If any individual chooses to make a change in service provider please contact your assigned CDDO Liaison in order to set up a Transmission meeting. Signatures will be required on both the CDDO Transition Check List and the list of Service providers for that service type.
Behavior & Seizure Tracking

Behavior and seizure tracking logs can be given to families, CSPs, schools, or any other providers. In order to capture behaviors in BASIS as of July 1st 2008 the state requires written proof that behaviors have occurred in order to count them in BASIS. BASIS Tracking Logs
BASIS Questionnaires

If any staff members are unable to attend a BASIS meeting, their input can still be taken into account with permission from the CDDO Liaison.  This form may be used to obtain any information the staff member might have provided at the meeting.  BASIS Questionnaire PDF